Adaptive Real-Time Machine Learning

Real-time machine learners to detect anomalies in data streams and adaptively cluster unknown data into new classes enable us to identify emerging threats from viruses to disinformation and stop them

5G & Blockchain DLT

We leverage the peer to peer interactions of 5G, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies at scale to protect privacy and enable people to make decisions about what to do with their own data.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA to free humans from repetitive work to higher value tasks and improve the way we work and play.

Swarm Intelligence

Leveraging the power of human networks to solve complex problems and make decisions of social consequence.

Game Development

We develop engines introducing the laws of physics into Machine Learning models to address concept and data drift, and adversarial attacks.

Our Partners

For the future

Forward Edge Al is inspired by people who believe Artificial
Intelligence can and should be a transformative force for good.

Products and Services

Our mission is to leverage emerging technologies including 5G, Al, Blockchain, machine learning, robotic process automation, and swarm intelligence to solve complex problems of social consequence.

Outsmarting scammers, together.

Gabriel the Robocall Blocker™ uses Swarm Intelligence, Al, Machine
Learning, Natural Language Processing, Encrypted BlockChain Database
and the power of 5G networks to stop unwanted calls, on all devices, across all service providers.


5GX Connect Award

ACT/IAC Igniting
Innovation Award Finalist

National Science
Foundation SBIR Grant

2021 FCW
FED 100

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