Robocall Blocking Powered by the Network

Together, we are one. With Gabriel’s AI technology and decentralized database of spam callers, our network is updated in real time, blocking new robocallers before they can get to you, and only letting the calls you want through.

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Team up against scammers and robocallers!

The power of Gabriel relies on you. With your participation in the network, we can all enjoy a world with less interruption!
Your phone helps power our technology, we stop spam callers before they reach you, you get rewarded for helping the network.
Earn even more by creating a team and playing in swarm matches to help train our spam fighting AI.

It’s a win-win for everyone, except the robocallers.

Gabriel Forwardedge Brain

Natural Language Processing
& Machine Learning

Scammers have been spoofing local numbers and using deep fake technology to scam people out of lots of money. Gabriel can spot a fake faster.

Combating spammers with the power of the Blockchain

Gabriel leverages Blockchain technology and a decentralized database of spam callers to protect your privacy while rewarding you with cryptocurrency for helping us fight scammers.

Smart AI, trained by humans

Our AI is constantly getting smarter and better at detecting scam phone calls. Help us train our AI by participating in Swarm AI Sessions and earn rewards and cash!

Gabriel Forwardedge Swarm
Gabriel Forwardedge Whitelist

It’s like a personal secret service agent, for your phone.

With custom block and allow lists, Gabriel gives you control of who is allowed to ring your phone. Easily add numbers to your lists as they come in. Gabriel’s AI will automatically add spam to your block list before they ever reach your phone.

Join Gabriel today and help us end the robocall epidemic!

The power of Gabriel relies on you. Your phone adds to the power of the network. With your help, we can all experience a world with less interruption!
Feel confident that when you join Gabriel, you’re not only enjoying significantly less spam calls but you’re helping everyone else enjoy it too.

You can make a difference in the fight against robocalls and scams!

Frequently Asked Questions

Register to test our app

Android users! Register for MVP Testing of our app!

We are now accepting registrations for users who would like to be a part of testing our minimum viable product. Many of the features are not activated or functional. The purpose of the preview is to test ideas and get input about what is important to you so we can incorporate into the final version of the product. User feedback is critical in order for us to develop the world’s most advance robocall blocking application. This application requires Android version 7.0 or higher.